About Buckeye Mineral Services, Inc.:

Balancing progress while upholding environmental protections requires not only expertise in the environmental sciences, but also a solid understanding of the federal, state, and local regulatory landscape. Buckeye Mineral Services, Inc. possesses both, having successfully provided comprehensive environmental and mining consulting services for over three decades to the mining industry, both coal and non-coal.

Buckeye Mineral Services, Inc.- founded in 1980 in New Philadelphia, Ohio- is a full-service mining consulting and engineering firm with extensive experience across our great State of Ohio.  We also specialize in environmental compliance and permitting for all industries (i.e. mining, construction, transportation) and can provide comprehensive survey work for any project in Ohio.

We offer a full line of environmental services to meet your project demands. Our staff is trained and has extensive experience using all of the methodologies set forth by the Army Corps of Engineers, United States EPA, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and Ohio EPA.